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Rotate Device

Vivinex™ multiSert™

  1. Usability and acceptability evaluation of the multiSert™ injector system, HOYA data on file DoF-SERT-102-MULT-03052018 (2018).

Consistent control at your fingertips with Vivinex™ multiSert™

Hoya Surgical Optics Vivinex MultiSert

Push and screw mode with ability to control insertion depth

Vivinex™ multiSert™ is a 4-in-1 delivery system that allows you to achieve outstanding delivery consistency with your choice of injection and insertion style.1

Choice is in your hands

Have the freedom to decide the delivery method that works best for you

Hoya Surgical Optics Vivinex MultiSert

Delivery into
capsular bag

Insert shield:
Default position

Delivery through incision wound tunnel

Insert shield:
Advanced position

  1. HOYA data on file. DoF-SERT-102-MULT-03052018, HOYA Medical Singapore Pte. Ltd. 2018.

High user satisfaction

Hoya Surgical Optics Vivinex MultiSert

Surgeons rate usability of Vivinex™ multiSert™ very high1

An evaluation with 95 injectors by 14 European surgeons (in vitro) and 5 Japanese surgeons (ex vivo porcine eye) reported average usability and satisfaction levels between “Good” and “Excellent” for multiple facets of use. The refractive power of the evaluated IOLs was from +6.0D to +29.0 D.

See how you can apply the Vivinex™ multiSert™ difference



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